How it started

My name is Bryan Johnston and I am the founder of Armchair Jets GM. I have been active among Winnipeg Jets Twitter for the last number of years, and I have very much enjoyed discussing all things regarding the Jets there. Since the start of the 2018-19 NHL season, I’ve taken an interest in the numbers and the statistical side of the game. In doing so I’ve learned a lot about the game and gotten better at analyzing the game, and as I keep talking to people, learning more about statistics, and watching more hockey, I continue to learn more and get better at analysis. In October, 2020, a good friend of mine told me he thought I should start a blog since I love talking hockey. In December I began the process of creating the blog, and on Janurary 7, 2021, I launched Armchair Jets GM and posted my first piece.

About the blog

I feel like much of sports media tends to be somewhat biased. While it’s not possible to eliminate all bias, my aim for this platform is to provide Jets analysis that is as honest and accurate as possible. Authors will write pieces on subjects including, but not limited to team performance, individual performance, signings, trades, players the Jets should or may target, systems, and strategy. Analysis will include relevant statistics, and one thing I’m aiming for is to be able to provide fans at least a very basic understanding of how statistics relate to what is happening on the ice.

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